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My last summer holidays


Hi my name is Pau. I'm 14 years old and today I'm talking about my last summer holidays. First of all I went to England, there, I improve my English. Second I went to Platja D'Aro. And finally I start the football season with Girona FC.

In England I went in Ply mouth with other friends of school. My family in there was only one woman. She is from Malta. In there also there were two other French students'. The house was good and my room there was at the top of the house. 

I stayed one month in Platja D'Aro. There I went to the beach every day with my friends Bernat, Oriol, Simon and others. Also we played a beach football tournament and we lost every match. That was a petty! Here a photo with my friends one day!

And finally I started the football season. The first few days were very hard because in the summer I didn't do much sport. We won all the matches except against Barça. We are good
PRESENTATION QUESTIONNAIRE PRESENTATION - Did you use any resources? Yes, I did. Were the resources relevant and attractive? Yes, but don't a lot. Did you show/talk about the photos to the audience? Yes two times BODY LANGUAGE AND EYE CONTACT - Did you look at your audience most of the time? Yes, sometimes. - Did you read from your notes? Yes, sometimes. - Did you do any gestures/movement to hold the attention of your audience? Yes, often. STRUCTURE - Did you organize your ideas in order of importance? Yes, I did. - Did you use discourse markers to to make your ideas more clear? Yes, I did. (First, then, secondly,on the one hand, on the other hand, finally..) CONTENT Did you introduce interesting NEW information to your audience? No, I didn't - Did you look up information/facts/ideas in the internet, books..? No, I didn't was your information more superficial or more detailed, and original? Yes, It did. LANGUAGE - Did you check your grammar?(verbs, word order) Yes, I did. - Did you use rich vocabulary looking up the dictionary? No, I  didn't. (synonyms, new words, expressions..) - Did you use sentence linkers?(and, but, moreover, also, furthermore, although,however..) Yes, I did. - Did you use  fillers?(well, you know, for example, one second..) No, I didn't PRONUNCIATION AND INTONATION - Did you know how to pronounce all your words? Yes, I did. - Did you check the pronunciation with a dictionary, a classmate or the teacher? No, I didn't. - Did you change your tone of voice or use a monotone tone all the time? Yes, I didn't. Did you speed in a fluid continuum or with breaks and interruptions? I speak with breaks.

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