dilluns, 12 de maig de 2014


Thousands of fast-food workers held a 24-hour strike in cities across the US to demand thtat the minimum wage be raised to $15 an hour. The current minimum wage, set in 2009, is $7,25 and hour. The action came a day after Barack Obama declared that income equality was "the defining challenge of our time". Fast-food staff, he said, "work their tails off and are still living at or barely above poverty."

Space balloon

Mojave desert, New Mexico

A US firm plans to take eight people to the edge of space inside a gondola attached to a helium balloon. Tickets have gone on sale for an eight-hour flight taking off from Richard Branson's spaceport in the Mojave desert in 2016.
AT maximum cruising height of 31 km, passengers will be alble to see the Earth's curvature and even beam back "selfies" thanks to the on-board wi-fi. Price: $75,000


Yellowstone, Wyoming

A supervolcano under Yellowstone national park is 2,5 times bigger than previously thought and could be "catastrophic" for the planet if it were to erupt. With a 90 km-long magma chamber, geologists say it could produce an ah cloud that would make two-thirds of the Us uninhabitable. Luckily, scientists say no eruption is imminent, but they will be keeping a close eye on it!


The history take place in Rome in 180AD. 

Emperor Marcus Aurielos wanted that general Maximus, to become emperor before his son. Marcus Aurelius soon became angry about that and he decided to kill his father. 

Then Commodous became the emperor and he putt his rules. Maximous manages to escape because if he stayed there in Rome, Commodous prepared his execution. Then he decided to return home in Spain, but he finds his son and wife already dead when he arrived. Then Proximo bought Maximus as a gladiator. He started at small places to fight but then Proximo explains Maximus that if he wanted to be free he must won his freedom in Rome. Maximus accept and then he went to rome. He only think that when he won his freedom he would kill the emperor. And then he started to fight and he wins all the fights. Then he fought against the emperor and the emperor died first. After the fight Maximus also died.

dilluns, 5 de maig de 2014


Every year, members of England's top universities, Oxford and Cambridge, participate in this famous boat race on the River Thames. And 2014 is special year: it's the 160th Boat Race. The tradition started in 1829: its's one of the oldest sporting events in the world.


A Happy Ending

This time last year, things weren't going too well for me. One of my friends was moving to the USA and I also had a big argument with my cousin. Friends invited me out, but I didn't really want to see them. I spent a lot of time training roller skating.

Everything changed for me the day I saw a programme about the professional girl, who thought roller skating in Barcelona. I became much more optimistic and enthusiastic. My friends made me realize that I should be a bit more positive. I found out that sportsters in my town were training with a professional girl too, so I started to go there.

These days, I feel much happier. I feel more sociable and useful. If I hadn't seen the programme, I have never had the opportunity.


Changing laws

The government plans to introduce a new law in our country to introduce school on Saturday mornings in order to improve the level of education. In my view, this would have some negative consequences.

In first place, I belive that the weekends its the part of the week to relax and do everything that you want. So if this law is introduced, I have no doubt that a lot of students will be angry. I also think that this would descriminate students, who aren't all bad and take bad grades.

If the aim of government is to improve the level of education, it seems to me that there's a better alternative: if they spent more money on better schools and institutes, education in our country would be better.