dilluns, 12 de maig de 2014


The history take place in Rome in 180AD. 

Emperor Marcus Aurielos wanted that general Maximus, to become emperor before his son. Marcus Aurelius soon became angry about that and he decided to kill his father. 

Then Commodous became the emperor and he putt his rules. Maximous manages to escape because if he stayed there in Rome, Commodous prepared his execution. Then he decided to return home in Spain, but he finds his son and wife already dead when he arrived. Then Proximo bought Maximus as a gladiator. He started at small places to fight but then Proximo explains Maximus that if he wanted to be free he must won his freedom in Rome. Maximus accept and then he went to rome. He only think that when he won his freedom he would kill the emperor. And then he started to fight and he wins all the fights. Then he fought against the emperor and the emperor died first. After the fight Maximus also died.

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