dilluns, 14 d’octubre de 2013

1 Last summer

My last summer holidays: Hello my name is Pau, and today I'm going to talk about my last summer holidays. First of all I want to explain my trip in Gloucester, second I’m going to talk about Platja D'aro and finally I’m going to explain my preseason of football. Let’s start! First of all I went to Gloucester, I stayed there for three weeks with Gerard, Laura and other friends like Pol. We had a good time there and I stayed with a lovely family. We visited other cities like London or Cardiff. In London we visited different places and I went to Abercrombie. In Cardiff I saw the Millennium Stadium where the people of there play professional rugby. There I met new friends from France, China or Japan. After that I went to Platja D'aro, and I stayed there for 6 weeks. There I met new friends and we had a really good time. We did a lots of things like playing football in the beach or volleyball, go to swim in the sea, go fishing or go to discos in the night to met new boys and girls or just for have fun dancing. When we returned home, we were all sad because we had spent many memorable experiences together. And finally I started the football season with my team, it was difficult at first because we did not run during the summer and we were very tired but then the work gave results because we played against Madrid and Betis and we won at Villareal! It was fantastic experience because we shared with the best teams of Spain. We also start the league against Gavà and Damm, and hopefully get good results! Laia R: Estartit, Palamós, Mykonos Jordi B: London, Fishing, Bordaux, Banyoles Mónica: Escala, Tossa, Camping, Pals Blanca: Nashoba, Pals, Banyoles Júlia: Banyoles, Escala, Cruise Esther: Ibiza, Camping, Granada, Acampada Mireia: Banyoles, Estartit, Banyoles Marta O: Alicant, Cophenagen, Banyoles Pol: Platja d'Aro, Norwandy, Banyoles Bernat: Belgium friends, Banyoles, Platja d'Aro Marta: Serdanya, Barcelona, Banyoles Elena: France, Oviedo, Banyoles Enric: Banyoles, Switzerland

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