dilluns, 13 de gener de 2014

Ex-players get compensation


The National Football League (NFL) will pay a $765 million sttlement to more than 4.500 ex-players. I think it is a good idea, because a lot of these players are damaged.Becaus we know that american football it's a dangerous sport and the people who play it, normally they have broken bones or something like that. Also I think that it isn't money for the NFL, wich made more than $9 bilion last year. 

What's the headline? Ex-players get compensation
Is there a video/image you can include? Yes a image like this. 
Can you explain it in your own words? Yes, I did it in the top of this entrence. 

Add 3 new words you have learnt damaged/ bones/sttlement
Why is it relevant to you? Because I like all the sports
How is this connected with other news that have an impact on our world? Bad because this people had a lot of money, and there are people that they don't have anything. 

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